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Age: 33
First Name: Danny
Gender: Male
City: Columbus
State/Province: Ohio
City #2: Lebanon
State/Province #2: Ohio
Occupation: Student/TMC
Relationship Status: Single
Biography: OSU graduate. Pop culture nerd. Rabid DVD and CD collector. I've been known to add playcounts to my iPod for singing songs in my head. I squirt ketchup and condiments directly onto fries and other similar foods instead of dipping. I didn't know this was weird until my friends acted like the world stopped one late night at McDonald's. I love travelling, theme parks, and roller coasters and you can basically lure me anywhere that has one. Power-riding them is sort of a sporting event. I'm a total dork for anything Disney as well and have the entire Classics/Masterpiece collection on VHS plus everything I can get on DVD. I sometimes speak in lyrics and relate a lot of things in life to my favorite songs. I made "random" so cool that elitists made "pretentious" an "in word" to discredit that brilliance. I'm so indie it hurts, which is why I'm so fucking emox. xXx I don't know what's real anymore except for one thing..

She's NOT a Christian-AH!
Education: Graduate
Last.fm Username: vacantlips
MySpace: dannyp85
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Tue, 12-2-08, 5:11 PM
Grace's Avatar
Thanks for the warm welcome sir! I just posted three entries (Voxhaul Broadcast, The Lemurs, Ben Kweller) on my profile's personal blog. Feel free to make any comments or edits you want. I'd be proud to represent Chicago's scene for you guys, as well as anything else I come up with.

Can't wait to hear what ya think.
Take it easy,
Mon, 3-31-08, 1:36 PM
Hey there! thanks for the recommendation. I will surely check this out.
Tue, 1-22-08, 11:58 AM
Sooz's Avatar
Absolutely amazing - my ears are still ringing from this weekend. I'm a little worried about my hearing but o well. Band of Horses was lovely, they closed with a CCR cover that rocked and Tyler Ramsey is TALLL. Wu Tang was insane in the membrane - Method Man pretty much stole the show. Wish you could've been there!
Wed, 1-9-08, 5:47 PM
konxfusionwithak's Avatar
the vagina bat monologues.
Wed, 11-28-07, 2:05 AM
daydream_set's Avatar
hey no prob!

i've only browsed the site since i just got here, but i likes what i see so far.
Sat, 11-10-07, 7:04 PM
Sooz's Avatar
So I wrote a review. hope it is post-worthy. I kinda disappeared for a bit but now im back. hows it goin?
Fri, 11-9-07, 11:47 PM
Jon's Avatar
And I will try-eee-iii-eee-iii to FIX YOUUUUU.
Wed, 10-31-07, 12:53 AM
Charlie's Avatar
you've been fixed.
Tue, 10-30-07, 2:25 AM
like dylan in the movies's Avatar
I'm totally loving the site! I came up on it by accident while searching for reviews for Help Wanted by The Good Life. Unfortunately I haven't seen The Darjeeling Limited yet, I've been pretty busy but I'm dying to see it.
Mon, 10-29-07, 7:04 PM
like dylan in the movies's Avatar
I love Motorcycle Drive By such a beautiful song, well that whole album is on my top ten list.
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