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The Yelling Interview

Like so many bands before them, The Yelling emerged from an abandoned warehouse turned rehearsal space in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Nathaniel Cox (vocals/guitar) and Robert Davis (guitar) founded the band when they moved to LA picking up drummer Michael Judd and bassist Chris McKee along the way. Last October, the band released a 5-track EP with a full-length LP slated for release in the near future. So far, the quartet has played mainly in the LA area but hopefully a broader tour will be setup after the release of their debut record.

For a limited time, TMC is offering a stream of the entire 5-track EP AND a free download of the last track, ďBlood On The Steps.Ē Stay tuned to TMC for more information on the upcoming album and check out our exclusive interview with the band below.

TMC: Itís hard to believe a name like The Yelling hasnít been claimed before now, how did you guys land on that particular name?

We wanted something that was original yet familiar, so we ran The Yelling by some ladies chatting a local coffee shop to get some random feedback, and they really dug it.

TMC: Can you tell us a little more in depth how the band met and came to be The Yelling?

Robert and Nathaniel grew up together in Southern IL and have been playing music together for the last 12 years. They moved to LA to start a band that reflected their music tastes. Soon after they met Michael through a mutual friend and began jamming new material that would become The Yelling. Chris McKee joined in July of last year.

TMC: The sound of The Yelling is very intriguing but hard to explain at the same time, how would you describe your sound?

Aggressive blues based rock n' roll. with some mellow numbers that are acoustic based, and have organic tonality.

TMC: Why should people listen to your music?

To re-understand the true meaning of Christmas.

TMC: By now itís clear that the business model of the music industry has changed. As a band forming in the new business model, how do you plan to adapt?

It's easy to be in touch with your fans via the internet. If you have something to say, you blog about it. If you want people to know something it is very instant, so we believe the speed and momentum must be maintained in order to satisfy the hunger Rock and Rollers of our generation.

TMC: How do you feel about music piracy?

If you want your music to be free, give the ones who made it some love elsewhere, like drop a note, or send some candies.

TMC: How does the writing process work for The Yelling?

Each song is different, but usually from playing together, recording a fragment of an idea or Nathaniel bringing in an idea.

TMC: When can we expect release of the new album?

The debut full-length Long Time My Love will be out April 28th, 2009.

TMC: How do you plan to market and distribute the new album?

Distribution will be digital for the most part. iTunes have been big supporters of our music and it seems we have the furthest reach in that medium. We will of course sell hardcopys at our shows, and will also sell those directly from our online store and CD baby e.t.c

TMC: If you were to plan the perfect tour in 2009, what would it be? (basically your dream tour)

The Yelling
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Stones

Thanks goes out to The Yelling and their management for the interview and album stream!

Click to download the track "Fire and a Microphone"
Submitted by Andy
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#2 (Permalink) Wed, 2-11-09, 3:16 PM Old
(Stream is now offline as of Aug 15 2009)
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#3 (Permalink) Thu, 2-12-09, 2:33 PM Old
Good interview and the EP is so high energy. Reminds me of Wolfmother meets something Jack White or something. There's another band I'm hearing too but I can't place it right now. Maybe a little Queens of the Stone Age. That's a compliment.
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I downloaded the song and sampled the rest. This is something I could get into.
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Glad you liked them, they're one of my favorite bands right now, despite their 5 song catalog. We'll keep people updated on the new album. PS - head to: http://beatcrave.com/2009-02-09/mp3-...d-the-yelling/ and you can snag Fire and a Microphone!
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very nice little interview, and I like the tracks as well!
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Update: The track available for download has changed to "Fire and a Microphone"
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This rocks!
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Glad you liked it! You'll have to check out their full-length when it gets released!
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